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Providing Therapeutic Sleep Products 
and Supplies

Our Sleep Store

Our store is a Compliance Team accredited exemplary provider DME company that provides sleep apnea  products and supplies from reputable sleep industry manufacturers including ResMed, Respironics, Resvent and Fisher Paykel. We carry only the latest and best products and supplies for all of your sleep needs. Our products include:

  • CPAP devices
  • Bilevel PAP devices
  • Special extra-small travel CPAPs
  • All mask types, including nasal pillows, nasal, and full-face masks
  • Humidifier chambers
  • Filters
  • PAP tubing (hose)
  • REMZZZ’s mask liners (to reduce mask air leaks)
  • Gecko nasal pads
  • CPAP mask wipes

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Equipment Pricing

CPAP Machine

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Your Sleep Store Experience

At Westmoreland Sleep Medicine, our goal is to help you find the most convenient and cost-effective way to receive your CPAP supplies, accessories, and equipment. Products and supplies may be ordered through our Order Form, you will receive a response by the next business day. 

FDA classifies CPAP, Bilevel, Humidifiers, and fully assembled CPAP masks as Class II Medical Devices. These products require a copy of the prescription to be on file prior to us fulfilling your order. You can easily submit your Rx to us via fax to (724) 832-7633. Your prescription should list your full name, DOB, your doctor's contact information and signature, as well as list the specific Rx items in your purchase. You can also download the Prescription insurance Form and have your physician fax it to us at (724) 832-7633. Once our team has received and verified your prescription, we will process your order.

We're proud to provide a number of options to help find the best payment option for you.

  1. The quickest and easiest way to get your items is to “cash-pay” and purchase your supplies with your debit or credit card.
  2. Pre-Qualify Through Insurance. We accept major health insurances including Blue Cross, Aetna and Tricare. You can include your insurance information on the Order Form.

We also have registered and experienced technicians on site who will meet with the patient and fit them for their apnea equipment. For a complete initial set up (CPAP and supplies), the appointment will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The patient will be provided all the orientation information they need in order to be successful and knowledgeable about how to properly use their equipment.

A technician will call after 48 hours to do a follow up check on the patient and assess any initial issues or concerns that may be present at that time. The technician will take appropriate action to ensure all issues are fully satisfied.

We pride in providing quality customer experience especially with hand holding so patients have a seamless experience with their equipment. We provide expedient service so that typical setups occur within a couple weeks of sleep testing.

For more information please call (724) 832-7632.

Self-Pay Shop Pricing


Disposable Filters- $6.00 (2 Pack)

Reusable Filters- $10.00


Heated- $45.00

Non-Heated- $20.00

Water Chamber:

Resmed- $30.00

Respironics- $20.00

Fisher & Paykel- $35.00


Full Face- $155.00

Nasal- $105.00

Pillow- $105.00


Full Face Cushion- $55.00

Nasal Cushion- $30.00

Nasal Pillow- $20.00


Chinstrap- $25.00

Headgear- $35.00


Travel CPAP: Z2- $799

Resmed Auto CPAP: $950

Auto BIPAP: $1800

Shipping Cost:

Free shipping on orders of $99 and over.

CPAP Treatment in Greensburg, PA

CPAP Equipment / Parts Replacement Schedule

With normal use your CPAP equipment will start to wear out over time. Headgear stretches, cushions develop micro-cracks, and filters become clogged. This can prevent you from getting the air pressure you need. To keep your CPAP therapy effective, manufacturers recommend that you follow the Medicare replacement schedule.

  • Nasal Pillows and Nasal Mask Cushions - Every 2 weeks
  • Disposable Filters - Every 2 weeks
  • Full Face Mask Cushions - Every month
  • CPAP Mask - Every 3 months
  • CPAP Hoses/CPAP Tubing - Every 3 months
  • Headgear - Every 6 months
  • Humidifier Water Chambers - Every 6 months
  • Reusable Filters - Every 6 months
  • Chin Straps - Every 6 months
  • CPAP Machines - Every 5 years or as-needed