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Variable CPAP & Bi-level PAP Treatment

Try before you buy - Complimentary

Not sure which PAP mask or unit is right for you? We will let you try out the newest masks or units before committing to buying them, so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies!

Available Units:

Travel CPAP: Z2 - $ 799

Travel-size CPAP machines are perfect for those with sleep apnea or snoring looking for a more convenient way to receive treatment. These compact devices offer the same therapy as their larger counterparts but with the convenience of easy transportability. With a travel-size CPAP machine, you can breathe easily wherever you need to go.

Resmed Auto CPAP: $ 950

Variable CPAP Treatment is the go-to choice for treating snoring and sleep apnea. It's a reliable form of treatment that yields successful results! Millions use CPAP regularly every night, which serves as a testament to its efficacy. We also offer used machines at a lower price -- if you're interested, just ask our team.

Resmed Auto BIPAP: $1800

Variable Bi-level PAP Treatment is a popular treatment for treat snoring and sleep apnea. A more sophisticated form of CPAP, this machine provides two levels of air pressure to imitate natural breathing and enhance the user's comfort. If you've had difficulty tolerating CPAP, you may have better results with Bi-level PAP Treatment.

PAP Mask Supplies


Disposable Filters - $6.00 (2 Pack)

Reusable Filters - $10.00


Heated - $45.00

Non-Heated - $20.00

Water Chamber:

Resmed - $30.00

Respironics - $20.00

Fisher & Paykel - $35.00


PAP masks are essential for those using a PAP machine to treat sleep apnea or snoring. The mask fits snugly over the nose and/or mouth to provide a continuous flow of air while sleeping. It is important that the mask fits comfortably in order to ensure that it remains in place throughout the night and can deliver an effective therapy session. With the right size and fit, a PAP mask can make treatments more comfortable and help you achieve better results.

Full Face - $155.00

Nasal - $105.00

Pillow - $105.00

Cushions / Pillows:

Full Face Cushion - $55.00

Nasal Cushion - $30.00

Nasal Pillow - $20.00


Chinstrap - $25.00

Headgear - $35.00