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At Westmoreland Sleep Medicine, we have taken a special interest in the transportation industry 
by focusing on the specific occupational needs and its continually changing trends.  

Having practiced in the field of sleep medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Jain has studied the effects that
sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea) have on commercial drivers specifically, and all others that are employed in the transportation industry. Due to his findings, he continually stresses to employers in these fields the need to have employees screened for sleep disorders before a serious incident occurs while

on the job.        

Recent studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety

Administration (NHTSA) found that drowsy driving contributed

to 100,000 crashes each year, ultimately killing more than

1500 people and injuring another 71,000. According to the

New England Journal of Medicine, 20% of serious car crashes

involve some type of sleep disorder (not attributable to alcohol).

Many accidents that involve the transportation industry

(buses, planes, trucks, trains, and boats) have been linked to

drowsy operators whose fatigue stemmed from a sleep disorder.

Due to those drowsy driving operators many lives have been lost needlessly. Simply put, identifying and treating those in the transportation  industry with sleep disorders would significantly save lives. The first

step in this process is to see a qualified sleep physician like Dr. Jain, who is the board certified sleep

specialist here at Westmoreland Sleep Medicine.

The most significant and recognized sleep disorder related to drowsy driving is sleep apnea which is
defined as “struggling to breathe during sleep”. According to studies sponsored by the Federal Motor
Carrier Administration and the American Trucking Association, nearly 1.1 million of America’s truck 
driving population is affected by sleep apnea problems. Despite the facts presented concerning the 
trucking field, it has been found that sleep apnea increases safety issues and health risks for all those
employed in the transportation industry. Other serious health problems that can be derived from
untreated sleep apnea are heart disease, depression, stroke, high blood pressure and other life
threatening diseases.

Westmoreland Sleep Medicine has chosen to be pro-active by teaming with the transportation industry
to educate, screen, diagnose, treat, and provide on-going support for those identified with sleep
disorders. We presently have dedicated several beds at each of our sleep centers for those in the
industry diagnosed with sleep issues that require immediate testing and treatment. Both centers are conveniently located (8 - 10 miles) from the Pennsylvania Turnpike and have parking areas that can accomodate most sizes of tractor-trailers.

With this approach, WSM hopes to contribute to the overall safety, health, and well-being of those in
the transportation industry so that needless accidents and deaths will be reduced, health care claims 
will be lowered, and productivity will increase. Our ultimate goal is A SAFER AND HEALTHIER

The Transportation Industry and WSM

Transportation Industry

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