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As the field of sleep medicine continues to evolve, Westmoreland Sleep Medicine recognizes that we
also need to “change with the times." That is why we are pleased to announce the addition of Home
Sleep Testing (HST) for the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Below, you will find more
information on this procedure and answers to the most asked questions regarding this type of testing.

What is Home Sleep Testing (HST)?

HST is a procedure that can be completed outside of the normal sleep lab setting to diagnose 
obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). On most occasions the test is performed in the patient’s home, 
which can be more comfortable and convenient for them.

Who is eligible for Home Sleep Testing (HST)?

Patients who are deemed to be “uncomplicated”, and have a high probability of being diagnosed with
moderate to severe OSA are likely to be good candidates for this type of testing. Patients presenting with
heart failure, serious lung disease (COPD), neuromuscular disorders, or various other sleep disorders
would be better candidates for performing their study in the sleep lab setting. Several other exclusions to
HST exist, which is why an evaluation by Dr Jain is required prior to performing the home study.

Simply put, HST cannot be used to diagnose any sleep disorder other than OSA (Obstructive Sleep
Apnea). It is not appropriate for pediatric patients, and it should only be performed after a 
comprehensive evaluation has been completed by a qualified sleep specialist such as Dr. Jain.

What happens during the consultation visit?

Once a referral has been received from your doctor, you will be scheduled to meet with Dr. Jain who will
discuss with you your previous medical history, do a brief physical exam of the mouth and throat area,
and ask you a few questions regarding your sleep problems. For this visit, you are encouraged to bring
your bed partner, family member, or others who have observed you sleeping to assist you in answering
some of the questions. Once Dr. Jain has reviewed all the acquired information, he will at that time order
the appropriate sleep test for you (in-lab or home study) if he feels one is necessary.

Is HST covered by my medical insurance?

Presently, most insurance payors in our area cover home sleep testing. All home studies will 
be pre-certified, if necessary, with your insurance carrier during your consultation visit.

What is the actual process for the HST?

If you should be identified by Dr. Jain as a patient eligible for Home Sleep Testing, you will be required to
meet with a member of our clinical staff who will instruct you on the set-up and operation of the home
testing equipment. After completing the diagnostic portion of the testing, you will return the equipment to
the center, and the outcome of the study will be reviewed at that time by one of our registered sleep
technicians. If the results prove positive for the findings of OSA, you will then be required to complete
either an “in-lab” CPAP treatment study, or another “in-home” study utilizing a mask and Auto-Cpap unit.
A follow-up appointment will then be scheduled with Dr. Jain to evaluate your response to the treatment.

What if the test results are negative?

If the HST is negative for OSA, then further testing or a follow-up visit will be arranged depending 
on your specific situation. No matter what the outcome, Dr. Jain will continue to oversee the 
long-term management of your sleep disorder.

Any further questions regarding Home Sleep Testing can be addressed through this website 
via our contact page, or by calling our office at 724-832-7632 Monday through Friday.

Home Sleep Testing (HST)

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